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Textualis Quadrata - Minuscule

Learn and refine your skills with the art of blackletter calligraphy with our comprehensive e-workbook.

Are you struggling to create consistent strokes and learning proper blackletter calligraphy letterforms?

  • Do you struggle to achieve the desired level of consistency?
  • Do you find it difficult and feel frustrated, self-conscious, and discouraged?
  • Do you doubt your practice and feel like you are not making any progress?

With this workbook - learning blackletter just got easier and faster!

Structured Learning Path

Learn the blackletter calligraphy principles, importance of guidelines, spacing and ratios. Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions are included in the workbooks.

Practice Drills and Exercises

Includes plenty of guided practice drills and exercises in the workbook. These exercises should focus on developing muscle memory and fine motor skills, to help you gain confidence and overcome the frustration of inconsistent results.

Progress Tracking

The workbook includes a progress tracker sheet for self-assessment. These will help you to monitor your improvement and identify areas that need more focus.

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Hello, fellow aspiring calligraphers!

I am excited to guide you in learning Textualis Quadrata! I've faced the challenges you're experiencing, but I've crafted a solution in these workbooks. With a step-by-step approach, let's transform frustration into fascination and self-doubt into self-expression. Let's turn your calligraphy dreams into reality!

Reviews and Testimonials from Thriving Calligraphers

  • Carla | @carlas.artnook

    "I find it's not easy to find resources on this script, but Jacq's workbook does answer my beginner questions on spacing, for example, and was easy to follow along. I can see the progress."

  • Lut | @Lut'sKalligrafiewereld

    "Jacq has written a wonderful beginners workbook for learning Textura. After an introduction she gives a brief history of the script, basic terminology and info about guidelines and spacing. To built muscle memory you will start with simple warm-up excercises (drills). Then you'll move on to the miniscules (divided in groups, with step-by-step explaination), write ligatures and practice words. It's a useful workbook to get started and dive into the world of writing Textura!"

  • AJ | @calligraphy_by_a.j

    "It's an excellent resource for learning how to write textura effectively, with clear step-by-step instructions."

  • Neeta Budhraja | @neetabudhraja

    "The terminology for Gothic was the most helpful for me to see how these terms are spelled and at the same time, I got the clarity about each strokes name. Some extra details that you gave about each stroke, was like a cherry on top.

    Spacing for black letters were always a mystery for me. Your detailed explanation and examples helped me understand how much spacing I need to give between two letters in a word or a sentence.

    The guidelines ratios were another thing that I always used to mess up when t came to black letters. You gave a complete clarity how guidelines ratios can vary and some other ratios that I can work/ practice on. The examples you gave in the workbook made me see how different ratios make a letter appear so different.

    Overall, I found this workbook as the best and the most detailed workbook"

Start your calligraphy journey

…and practice Textualis Quadrata today!

With 7 nib size variations to choose from!


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